Wheel of Time Fandom

I am a big fan of the Wheel of Time.  The book series, started and designed by Robert Jordan (1948-2007) is a 14 book epic tale of magic, adventure, romance, and destruction. When Robert Jordan passed away in 2007, his family and publishers contracted Brandon Sanderson to complete the series last three novels. Brandon Sanderson completed the last three novels: The Gathering Storm (2009), The Towers of Midnight (2010) and A Memory of Light (2013) using Robert Jordan’s notes.

I have been a fan for many years. I love not just Robert Jordan’s work, but have come to love Brandon Sanderson’s own works as well. Through my love of Wheel of Time I found the fan site Dragonmount.

Dragonmount is a webpage that is the fansite for Robert Jordan’s works. It has a highly active community forum, an e-book store, Wheel of Time (and Brandon Sanderson) related news, blogs (including the blogs of Robert Jordan as he was in his last years).

Image credit: Lars Ivar

Image credit: Lars Ivar

The Dragonmount Forums are something of an internet home for me. I am highly active on the community forums, acting as a moderator for a few of the Social Groups, and I am also a Front Page blogger, where I write the Weekly Round-up (a weekly update of events going on in the Dragonmount Forums) and occasional Fantasy Reviews.

To read some of my work on Dragonmount.com:

Weekly Round-Up August 4-10
Weekly Round up, September 8-14
Weekly Round-Up September 15-21
Weekly Round-Up September 22-28
Weekly Round-up Septeber 29-October 5
Fantasy Review, Replica by Jenna Black

Weekly Round-Up April 13-19
Fantasy Review: Demon Wars: First Heroes by R.A. Salvatore

This is by no means a complete listing of my Weekly Round-up entries. I am particularly proud of the August 4-10 update.


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