The Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Introducing my first published work: My Lady Olives.

My Lady Olives




Olisbeth Mason is an Army Brat and a young genius. At 19 years old, she is a junior in college. You would think she has everything going for her. Except for the fact that she has had insufferable migraine headaches since she turned twelve. 
Now that she is on her own, she’s finally found a group of friends that understand her: her roommate Phoebe, her boyfriend (and Phoebe’s twin brother) Arthur, and her landlady Marissa. Through her friends, Olisbeth discovers she can send her headaches to other people. 

But her friends are hiding a dark and dangerous secrets from their young friend. Olisbeth is the human incarnation of Athena, Phoebe is Apollo, and her boyfriend is Artemis. And Olisbeth is at the center of a 2,000 year old prophecy that will shake Olympus to its very core.

The book is the first of a three part story, Part two will be coming out sometime in September, if all is planned properly.

I will soon be putting a site together for Olisbeth and her entire world, and link it here soon.

The book is now available on Amazon Kindle and Nook and in print!
Also Available from Smashwords!
(Note: Smashwords has the first 20% of the book available for a free download.)


Reviews would be appreciated. dofneTo see the site I’ve set up about My Lady Olives and the world around Olisbeth Mason, check out my site:

The Olisbeth Mason Chronicles


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