Desert Sea Design Blogs

Desert Sea Design is an Arizona-based Veteran owned web design business owned and operated by my friends Lyle Dillie and Nikkie Rowe. A good part of my paid writing work has been through this fantastic company. If you want a great web designer or want to hire me to write for your business, I urge you to contact them.


WordPress How-To Guides:

Adding New Users to WordPress 3.5

Using Links

Adding and Editing Pages in WordPress 3.5+



Web mail:

Creating a Cpanel web mail

Using a Cpanel web mail email account

Set up web mail for Outlook 2003

Set up web mail for Outlook 2007

Setting up web mail to Outlook 2010

Setting up Web mail to Outlook 2013

How to add Web Mail on your iPhone

Access web mail through an Android Smart phone


SEO/Social Media

Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Google Hummingbird

Social Media


General Blogs


Veteran Roundtable

LepreCon Charity Auction

Getting Started with Picasa 3

Using Picasa 3

WestSide Bully

Coming Soon: I’m going to be publishing many of these blogs in a book format in the coming months! Proceeds from this purchase will go towards a legitimate 501 (c) Charity designed to help Homeless Veterans. More information to come.


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