Help Support my Sister Site.

This is almost a direct copy/paste from my fandom blog, Land of the Nerds:

I apologize that I haven’t posted in a long time, but I hope that very soon I can resume blogging on this site on a regular basis. Right now, Land of the Nerds needs your support.

We at the Land of the Nerds do what we do for the love of all things nerdy: Fandom, comic books, regular books, games, movies, whatever.
But maintaining a website is not cheap, and we’ve incured some expenses that require we Take Action!

Here’s what you can do:

We have for sale now two of our Epic Nerd Shirts: one in Blue, one in Red.

red nerd blue nerd
They won’t print until 30 of each color have sold.
All the proceeds will go to helping keep this site awesome.
These shirts are on a special price: only $15

These are a special, one-time print through Teesprings, and they won’t sell unless at least 30 are printed.
That means if we sell 30 red and 2 blue, they’ll print the red but no blue.
So, buy away.
To get the Red Shirt: click here
To get the Blue Shirt: click here
This is a special discount deal! we ordinarily have the shirt on sale in brown on this site for $20.

Land of the Nerds is a free site. We do not get paid to post the things we do: the Doctor Who videos, our blogs, our reviews, or even our Facebook/Twitter page.  it is a labor of love, and buying the shirt means that we can continue to give you some epic nerd stuff over this next exciting year.
Basically, buying a shirt will help me out in my current crisis.