Help Support Me!

Okay, a little background before I get to the ‘How you can help” side of my story.

I currently work with an Arizona-based web design company called Desert Sea Design. To see an example of some of the stuff I do for them, you can merely peruse the “Desert Sea Design” and “Corporate Blogs” portions of this blogsite and you’ll see the types of blogs I write for this company.
I do a lot of other, non-writing work as well, including input of coding and stuff for the company.
Well now, Desert Sea Design would like to have me come out and work with them in a more full-time capacity, but in order to do that, my husband and I will have to move to Phoenix, Arizona from our current home in Houston.
The hope in the move is that by being in Arizona, I can physically meet with the bulk of our clients to improve my writing and assistance in designing their websites. There is also a substantial lower cost of living in Phoenix compared to Houston, and despite recent negative news about Phoenix’s Veteran Affairs Hospital, the Phoenix Veteran community has really reached out in recent years to help their own.
Also, my husband has had such a hard time finding work here in Houston that we think a change of scenery can help him find more employment opportunities.
Basically, we need a fresh start.

There is one hitch in this whole process. Money.
Desert Sea Design is a SMALL business, and while they have the money to pay me, they don’t have enough liquid cash sitting around to help finance the move, nor do I have enough to pay for it myself.
So, we need help and assistance with the move.

There are two ways you can help. The easiest, the financial way is simple: make a donation to the Go Fund Me set up for this particular purpose.
All the money earned through the Go Fund Me is going directly to my mover fund.

The other way you can help, if by helping you can donate time (in Houston to help pack the truck or Arizona to help unpack), or other things like “hey, I wanna be cool and pay straight up for the U-Haul” contact the following people:

Lyle @ 480.220.6949 or  Rebecca @ 623.204.0003

Though if you are on the Houston Side and want to help me in the packing, you can email me directly. Comment on this page or email



Now that the financial bit is out of the way, an update on general health and well-being:
Since we started planning the move, we’ve been in better spirits. My mood is better, though I’m sleeping less (moving anxiety) and my headaches are still present, but I’m being very positive about it.
I left a lot of negative-stirring Facebook groups and started a group for positivity called Uplift your Spirits
I admin Land of the Nerds, Arizona Veteran Magazine, Wall Sensations, and Desert Sea Design Facebook pages, so I’m busy. I’ve completed book One and Two of the Olisbeth Mason Chronicles and began my short SciFi story I’m calling tentatively “The Store.”
My Husband has started his first novel.
Dogs are healthy.
We have a car now (though it’s a clunker with attitude).
I’m patiently waiting word from Arizona on the fundraising efforts made by the Veteran Community Health and Wellness Center and the results of the GoFundMe campaign.