How my life is, now.

A few months ago, I posted a message on my Facebook page about what I needed to fix my problems


Many of this stuff has changed, so I’m going to rewrite that whole post to be more up to date.

1. My husband has a job now, but it doesn’t make a lot. He needs to keep it for at least six months and needs to have about twice as many hours each week.

Every dollar we make goes to rent. Every. Single. Dollar.

2. I seriously need a mani/pedi. For my self esteem if nothing else.

3. We need a car, and preferably one that is paid in full. I need it to Run, I need it to Pass Inspection, and I need it to have A/C. I’d also prefer it have decent fuel economy. I have no income, as of now, and our savings for a down payment has been depleted through the last few months with my previous crap-paying job.

4. I want to take a trip home to see my family, for at least a week. I haven’t seen any of them for many years. I missed two weddings and a graduation.

  5. I need a social security lawyer.

6. I need a second computer so my husband has a computer as well. It would also be good to have a back-up for this one.

. I need at least a year, possibly two off work. I need to spend time healing my mind and body

8. I need new glasses. Mine are held together with Gorilla tape and hope. They pinch my face and I have to squint behind them to see.


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