Emotional Support Schnauzers

I would like to take a few minutes to just talk about the two people who make me happiest in the world.


By people, I mean my dogs. Kanji and Ulmo


This is Kanji baby:


Sweet puppy


Her official name is “Kanji Amaterasu Oviatt.”


Of course, her full name is “Kanji Baby Sweetheart Ninja-Kick-butt Princess.”


At least according to her papers.
She’s a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, and fully grown at 10 lbs. She is 5 1/2 people years old, and is my life.


She’s my fuzzy assistant, my supervisor, my snuggle buddy.
She helps me when I feel sad, she snuggles me always.


We brought her home when she was two months old, and have had her ever since. She was our First dog, a Valentine’s day present.
She has had two major illness scares. The first she had serious bladder stones (the size of a human thumb knuckle). The Second was about a year later, the summer of 2012. We think she had a heat stroke, because she started having seizures, She was sick for a month, but one day, she miraculously recovered.
I supported her through her illness, and she helps me in my own illnesses.


She is tiny, and black-furred. Very ninja-like.


Kanji needed a brother.
So, we brought home Ulmo.
Ulmo is a schnauzer mix, and a Rescue dog.


This is Ulmo


ulmo cutie


We brought Ulmo home on Kanji’s first birthday. His official name, if you ask, is “Shogun Ulmo Susanowo Anexandros Nazgul Obi-Wan Oviatt.”


“Ulmo” is the name of the God of the Seas and Storms in Middle Earth, the land of Lord of the Rings. Susanowo is one of the names of the Japanese Storm God. We chose his name as a play on his background.


He was a Post Hurricane Ike rescue. He was found on Galveston Beach three days after Ike stormed the coastline, sick, wet, and mangy. After some healing, the Shelter put him up for adoption.


We became his new family almost two months after the storm.
Ulmo is one of the sweetest boy-dogs I’ve ever had, and when I think of what he must have gone through during Hurricane Ike I want to cry. But he senses my tears and kisses them away.


Ulmo is a Doctor dog. He likes to kiss on boo-boos and love on sick people. When Kanji had her bladder surgery, he whined the entire morning, missing his sister. When we went to pick her up from the vet, I asked him “Ulmo-buddy, do you wanna go pick up Kanji?” He dashed to the front door, sat down, stared at the Leashes by the wall, and BARKED!


He’s very attentive and concerned about me when I’m stressed. He can sense it. On days when I feel miserable, Ulmo makes me feel better, happy.


We were worried about bringing home a former stray, because they notoriously have “issues.” Ulmo only has one real issue: a petrifying fear of storms and water. He also distrusts strangers and hates when people touch his head. Hubby and I are cool; We’re Mommy and Daddy. But everyone else? Back off. He doesn’t like his Vet or Groomers touching his head either.


The two are both black, both Schnauzers, and adorable. They keep each other company, take care of me, make sure I get up in the morning, and remind me when it’s time to go to bed at night.


Why am I writing about these two puppies today?


Because my dogs really are emotional support animals. I may not have certifications, or doctor’s notes for it, but my dogs, my Kids, are my light.



5 thoughts on “Emotional Support Schnauzers

  1. […] already written a blog about how Kanji and Ulmo give me emotional support.  But, seriously, those two cute bearded little puppies ? Who can resist these […]


  2. […] already written a blog about how Kanji and Ulmo give me emotional support.  But, seriously, those two cute bearded little puppies ? Who can resist these […]


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