Who is Mandy Oviatt?

My name is Mandy Oviatt, and I am a writer. 

Actually, I’m much more than that. I am a Historian. I’m a Disabled Vet. I am a wife.  I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, and a friend. 

Me and my mother-in-law

But most of all, I am awesome. 

If I could copy my biography from my main blog Land of the Nerds:

“I am Mandy Oviatt, and I believe that Dr. Pepper and M&Ms just might be manna from Heaven. I have a Master’s Degree in Women’s History from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. I have worked in Retail Electronics, movie rentals, education, Karaoke, and the U.S. Army. Some of my personal interests include fantasy books, SciFi television and movies, 1960s rock, video games and tabletop role-playing games. I live in a haunted hotel with my evil wizard and am guarded by two ferocious dire Schnauzers.”

I am an avid reader and a prolific writer.

At my Regular blog site, Land of the Nerds, you will find many samples of my writing, blogs about various Fandom topics.

This site, however, is different. 

This is a site for blogs that do not relate to Nerd Culture. Here you will find my discussions about my disability issues, my experiences in the U.S. Army (1998-2002), my history studies, my family, my novel, and things I’ve written that don’t really *belong* anywhere else (like blogs that do not fit on Land of Nerds).

This page is where you can also contact me about writing for you.

That’s right, I can write for you. But more of that on another page.
I will also use this page to discuss my novel (when it is complete).

My eZine Articles Profile:


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